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What’s perhaps most exciting approximately the third generation of zenfones is asus’ surprising departure from their past design language. While we thought approximately the zenfone lineup formerly, we notion of metallic plastic, ergonomic curves, and rear-facing volume buttons, capabilities which had been showcased excellently on the zenfone 2 laser.

In contrast to its predecessor, the zenfone 3 laser is built of an aluminum body with plastic top and backside caps, probably to help with wi-fi reception. We’ve visible designs quite much like this endless times in the past, however it remains hard to disregard the brilliant in-hand experience of aluminum.


Whilst the rear curve isn’t as dramatic nor ergonomic as it become inside the past, we’re satisfied to see this deliver the replacement of nearly awkward slender facet edges with large curved aspect continuations of aluminum, which makes the smartphone easier to grip, especially with a unmarried hand.

It’s not simply the materials and shaping that make this a nice design, but, as other additives like the satisfyingly tactile facet buttons and seemingly engraved antenna strains also are pretty quality. Of direction, there are some minor compromises too, like the 3 capacitive navigation keys, which are unsightly and do now not remove darkness from. The rear digicam hump can also be traumatic when using the phone on a flat floor. Nonetheless, this design is well on par with what we expect to see from an entry-level device.


The zenfone’s reader is in the shape of a tall square cutout
Asus has placed a fingerprint reader on the lower back of the zenfone three laser, simply below the digital camera module. Not like conventional circular fingerprint readers, however, the zenfone’s reader is within the form of a tall rectangular cutout. In fact, the zenfone three lineup appears to be the primary to feature this particular design. With that stated, we didn’t word a distinction in velocity nor accuracy whilst the usage of the telephone; average, the reader plays properly sufficient for the fee.



For the display, we’re looking at a respectable 5.5″ 1080p ips panel coated in corning gorilla glass 3. Coloration reproduction is splendid, viewing angles are respectable, and the display is usually fairly accurate. It’s really worth mentioning that you’ll be difficult-pressed to find something significantly higher at this charge. With that stated, we nevertheless have some remarkable criticisms.

Our biggest grievance has to do with maximum brightness, as it is able to be frustratingly difficult to use the cellphone outdoors. The automobile brightness feature also has a tendency closer to decrease settings, successfully requiring guide enter for appropriate degrees. Asus has continuously failed to electrify us in display brightness, and it’s a disgrace that the zenfone 3 laser keeps that fashion.


A miles extra insignificant trouble, however truly a point of rivalry, is the black border around the show. Certainly, this grinds gears for human beings at various stages, so we’ll keep this as goal as feasible: the borders are reasonably small, unnoticeable everyday, but certainly don’t make contributions to a stylish appearance. And with that, we’ll can help you make your personal judgements.


On a high quality word, asus’ general coloration customization options are covered with the zenfone three laser. These alternatives assist you to make adjustments to shade temperature, enable a bluelight filter out or “night time mode,” or personalize hue and saturation for a special look. These options are continually satisfactory to have, so we’re satisfied that asus has blanketed them.



Although it’s no longer going to wow absolutely everyone with its benchmark ratings, the zenfone 3 laser still performs well daily. The qualcomm snapdragon 430 is, of path, an entry-degree processor, but that hasn’t prevented asus from supplying a properly optimized revel in. As an instance, some machine animations had been sped up to give the illusion of a snappier tool.





Lamentably, the zenfone 3 laser is most effective available with 2 gb of ram, that’s a main bottleneck while trying to multitask. Keep in mind this situation: you’re taking note of a few song on spotify and would love to do a quick google search. In contrast to truly every tool with extra memory, the zenfone three laser will in all likelihood prevent your music after you load a webpage.

We’d have appreciated for asus to step up its sport here
This may be quite frustrating, but it’s important to understand that many competing alternatives additionally skimp on memory. Nonetheless, we might have favored for asus to step up its recreation right here, particularly considering asus launched the first actual cellphone with four gb of ram just more than one years ago.

All matters taken into consideration, the zenfone 3 laser is pretty tolerable to use within the actual global. It’s some distance from the satisfactory out there, but in case you manipulate your expectations and understand the compromise, this need to be clearly first-class every day.



The asus zenfone 3 laser is an unlocked dual-sim telephone, which means that you could use it with up to two unique gsm carriers simultaneously. We rarely see this option here within the u.S., so this can be a prime selling factor for some prospective customers. Because it’s being offered formally, you can anticipate it to work with 4g lte on each at&t and t-cell, with guide for band 12.

You could use the zenfone with up to two one-of-a-kind gsm companies simultaneously
If you most effective plan on using one sim card with the zenfone three laser, you could take advantage of the alternative slot’s microsd card enlargement option, which supports playing cards as much as 128 gb. For maximum users, but, the 32 gb of onboard garage should be enough.

Similar to many different options on this price range, the zenfone 3 laser does now not encompass nfc, so that you won’t be able to use faucet-and-pay apps like android pay. Considering that over half of of our readers polled stated they used mobile payments at the least on occasion, this is a pretty big omission. Mixed with a loss of help for 802.11ac, it’s comprehensible how asus become able to hold the cellphone’s charge down.


Don’t throw away your present wired headphones simply but, as the zenfone three laser includes a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is still first rate to have, and even though the output extent is slightly low, many customers will admire not having to make a transition to alternative options.

Unluckily, we were very upset with the zenfone 3 laser’s speaker. I’ve for my part reviewed over fifty (often access-stage) smartphones, and i can say with whole actuality that that is one of the worst i’ve ever heard. It’s now not handiest fantastically quiet and distorted, however also flat and tinny. Audio quite frankly sounds awful with the zenfone three laser, so that you’ll certainly need to maintain your headphones near.

Battery lifestyles


The asus zenfone three laser is packing a 3000mah battery, which translated to first rate battery existence for the duration of our checking out. Even when the usage of the cellphone for greater than twenty-four hours, we had been nonetheless able to reap over 4 and a half hours of display on time. Whilst we used the phone extra heavily, we have been nonetheless capable of achieve twelve hours of use with six and a half hours of display screen on time.







Although the snapdragon 430 can assist quick charge three.Zero, asus has didn’t put into effect it, which means which you’ll be stuck with a few relatively gradual charging speeds. The charging port is also a reminder that microusb remains a issue, in spite of the more moderen usb kind-c fashionable in large part taking up the android phone marketplace. We do keep in mind that some customers do not need to make the transition, so we’ll permit you make a decision whether this is an advantage or drawback.



The zenfone 3 laser’s thirteen mp f/2.0 digicam captures pics which are approximately average in terms of pleasant. Super cameras are quite a good deal extraordinary at this charge, so we will forgive some of the shortcomings right here.

We are able to forgive among the shortcomings right here
Asus zenfone three laser digicam samples


As expected, you could get a few fairly exceptional pics when shooting in appropriate lighting. For most of the time, dynamic range is first rate and saturation levels are proper. There are some obvious troubles, however. Colorings, as an instance, often appear muted (see the picture of the bananas above), which results in photographs lacking in vibrancy and contrast. There’s also a few immoderate oversharpening and good sized barrel distortion.

Asus claims that the laser autofocus gives cognizance in 30 milliseconds. While that estimate regarded to be pretty constructive in our checking out, the zenfone 3 laser does indeed cognizance fast. But, the distinction isn’t very major in comparison to other smartphones, so you should avoid getting hung up in this particular characteristic.

Unfortunately, things surely cross downhill when taking pictures in low-mild. The oversharpening trouble is exacerbated at the same time as noise nevertheless appears largely unchecked. Shades are even worse, too. The integrated owl mode can honestly assist here, however at the expense of decision. It is going with out announcing which you truely do get what you pay for right here, so in case you need better quality low-light pix you’ll need to don’t forget growing your budget.


The zenfone three laser’s camera app remains unchanged from previous fashions, however, because the announcing is going, “if it ain’t broke, don’t restore it.” asus’ camera app gives a plethora of beneficial digicam modes to pick out from, at the same time as nevertheless presenting an easy-to-use capturing enjoy. The cellphone’s guide mode is also one of the maximum comprehensive that we’ve used.



Out of the field, the zenfone 3 laser runs asus’ zenui 3.Zero pores and skin over android 6.0.1 marshmallow. It’s evident that asus puts a lot of effort into its software program, which can’t always be said about phones sold at this fee point. All matters taken into consideration, you’re getting one of the higher software program studies available.

As compared to other consumer interfaces, zenui looks previous
With that said, we sense that zenui is due for a design overhaul. We understand that this is very subjective, but, compared to different

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