Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review

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The most immediately difference you’ll notice between the galaxy s7 side and its predecessor is the phone’s size. Bridging the scale gap between last 12 months’s galaxy s6 aspect and the s6 area plus, the samsung galaxy s7 facet gives a 5.5-inch display, making it surprisingly large than the “general” galaxy s7. Talking with lanh, we each agreed that the jump up in real property was a superb flow, giving you more display actual property for all your gaming and media consumption needs. Positive, the phone takes a small hit with regards to one-surpassed usability, however thanks to the way that the threshold curves down, it’s certainly not as large of a distinction as you might assume.

Other than the larger display, the galaxy s7 edge looks very similar to its predecessor, even though samsung has controlled to sneak in a few adjustments to the design. First, the digicam is bump has been especially decreased while compared to the s6 aspect. The digicam still protrudes a bit, however at much less than a half of millimeter, it’s going to be a lot less bothersome than the camera bump on its predecessor.

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Next, the s7 edge is marginally thicker than each the s6 edge and s6 area plus at 7.7mm, vs the edge plus at 6.9mm and the edge at 7mm. That might sound like a horrific issue, but the added thickness surely helps with grip. As an delivered bonus, this thicker profile also method samsung changed into capable of cram in a larger battery, for you to speak more about a piece later within the review. Probably the most helpful layout alternate determined at the galaxy s7 part, however, is the curved glass backing that allows alleviate some of the ‘sharpness’ troubles some users suggested with the original galaxy s6 edge.

Between the curved back, barely thicker layout, and the bigger screen length, samsung has controlled to create a cellphone this is extraordinarily comfy in the hand. As lanh put it:

Although it’s bigger, it’s plenty extra relaxed. For being a 5.5-inch phone, it’s a lot smaller than many other telephone’s with similar screen size.
Lanh went on to mention that he feels this is one of the maximum secure telephones he’s ever held, and i ought to agree. That stated, it is a chunk slippery however now not to the point that you need to fear approximately it falling out of your hands. It’s additionally a fingerprint magnet, though a brand new coating makes it a touch much less susceptible than the s6 circle of relatives before it. Of route, most of you may emerge as placing the phone in a case, that allows you to render each the slippery nature of the telephone and its fingerprint inclined components completely moot.

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Transferring around the rest of the factors of the smartphone, there’s sincerely not anything out of the normal to file. At the front, you’ll locate samsung’s standard domestic button flanked to the left via a recent apps key, and to the right through the lower back button. All the common sensors and front facing camera are determined here as well. At the left facet of the cellphone are the volume keys and to the right is the electricity button. Up pinnacle, there’s not anything however the sim/sd card slot, which we’ll speak about a little later.

On the lowest, you’ll find the headphone jack to the left, the microusb slot within the middle, and the single speaker to the right. The microusb slot is probably the maximum interesting tale here, no longer as it’s anything special or new, however because samsung is sticking to its guns with the galaxy s7 edge has chosen no longer to adopt the new usb-c popular.

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So why is samsung sticking to microusb while many of its competitors, including the lg g5 and the nexus circle of relatives, make the flow? Probable the biggest reason is the equipment vr simply hit commercially past due closing yr, rocking a microusb connection, and so it stands to reason that samsung wouldn’t want to desert this version so quickly. It’s additionally very possible samsung really wanted to attend till the same old determined its way into greater add-ons. For people with hundreds of microusb cable laying round, the corporation’s refusal to leap to usb-type c probably isn’t seen as a lot of a problem.

Bottom-line, the galaxy s7 facet won’t appearance dramatically distinct from its predecessor, however little touches like a great experience inside the hand, assist create what is easily one of the most attractive looking handsets within the cellular global.

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In relation to display first-class, it’s hard to overcome samsung, and thankfully the s7 aspect keeps this legacy. While the s7 edge’s tremendous amoled show remains very similar to the display screen located at the s6 aspect, samsung did bump up the dimensions this time round, going from 5.1-inches to 5.5-inches. Even as this results in a lower pixel density of 534 ppi vs 577ppi at the galaxy s6 facet, the actual world distinction is negligible and if whatever, the bigger length means a higher revel in for watching films, playing video games, and quite an awful lot some thing else you would possibly want to do.

For people who prefer a smaller show? You’ll need to check out our galaxy s7 overview.

Everything we adore about amoled tech is gift right here inside the s7 edge, such as vibrant, saturated hues, high-quality viewing angles, inky darkish blacks, and brightness that’s more than precise sufficient even if the use of the telephone exterior. Comparing it to the amoled show on my nexus 6p, i must admit that the brink display looked way better, especially outside. That stated, the brightness controls (auto adjusting, and so forth) were a bit more aggressive than the 6p, and required me to manually circulate the slider a chunk greater than i commonly do, but this become no longer in reality anything that bothered me too much.

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One change found at the galaxy s7 aspect over the s6 aspect is the new “always on show”. Whilst this is definitely extra of a software program feature than some thing new with the hardware, we nonetheless felt it changed into worth speakme about here. In a nutshell, the always on display gives you glanceable records which include the time, when you have any messages or neglected calls, and there’s even alternatives to show a calendar or maybe a picture/sample. That is quite just like what you’ll locate on motorola gadgets and cutting-edge nexus own family members, but the distinction is that the illumination is steady with the s7 part and no longer just intermittent like with the former devices.

Until samsung adds more features to it or offers you the ability to peek at notifications, it isn’t truely all that useful and actually feels a bit 1/2 baked.
In the case of the nexus, you certainly get greater data like glanceable notifications on this ambient show mode, whereas samsung’s constantly on display is a bit missing on the subject of element. In reality, you handiest get signals on the display for samsung precise packages and not third party apps like fb and hangouts. This could exchange inside the destiny as samsung opens matters as much as others, however for now the real usefulness of the usually on display is extremely up for debate out of doors of fast checking the time. Nonetheless, i suppose it’s a brilliant step within the proper direction, and an amoled display virtually makes a extra logical healthy for this option than an liquid crystal display might (searching at you lg g5).

For the ones questioning about how the feature affects battery existence, i found that at the day i had it disabled, i may additionally have had a few more percent points of battery left once I went to mattress over what i generally could have had. That’s no longer the maximum technical take a look at i realize, but it’s pretty obvious to me that it doesn’t make a big difference and that’s all the way down to simply how electricity efficient amoled presentations are, especially whilst simplest desiring to mild a totally small part of the display.

Bottom-line, the display here is a good one and the continually on show tech is a pleasing addition, although it can now not be that beneficial for each person. The good news is in case you don’t suppose the always on show is something you’ll use, samsung makes it clean to disable.

Overall performance & hardware

In 2015, samsung saved things pretty easy while it came to the processing package deal in its flagships, with the exynos 7420 powering the galaxy s6 circle of relatives, as well as the be aware 5. This changed into a break from past conference, which had usually seen exynos chips in some markets and qualcomm chips in others, and was in all likelihood a response to the horrific press (and awful performance) related to the snapdragon 810. In 2016, samsung has reverted to its old approaches.

In maximum markets, the s7 facet is powered by means of exynos 8 octa (8890) – which includes quad-center 2.6 ghz mongoose + quad-center 1.6ghz cortex-a53 – and backed by way of a mali-t880 mp12 gpu and 4gb ram. Inside the usa and china, however, the galaxy s7 ships with a qualcomm snapdragon 820 – which include a dual-middle 2.15 ghz kryo & dual-center 1.6 ghz kryo – with an adreno 530 gpu and also 4gb ram.

At the same time as i had the possibility to test out an exynos-powered model, lanh utilized a snapdragon 820 variant for the video evaluate. Two distinctive chipsets method you may expect a little little bit of discrepancy among the two in phrases of overall performance, at the least on paper – and on benchmarks. So that you can illustrate that difference, we ran some of benchmark assessments consisting of geekbench three, antutu, and 3dmark.


Galaxy s7 aspect – exynos

Galaxy s7 area – snapdragon 820

Beginning with geekbench three, you can see that the exynos model scored a 2107 single-middle rating and a 6397 multi-core score, vs a single-center score of 2210 and multi-center score of 5230 with the snapdragon 820 model. We can’t say that the multi-middle score advantage for the exynos 8 is too unexpected, considering samsung’s chip has an octa-middle configuration even as the snapdragon is a quad-middle setup. As for the unmarried-center performance, the snapdragon 820 has the brink here, despite the fact that the distinction isn’t via an awful lot. Typical, the scores right here imply that the cpu overall performance between the 2 have to be pretty comparable.

We didn’t want to prevent at one check, but, and so we ran antutu subsequent. As you may see, the overall performance right here changed into quite spot on as well, with the exynos version scoring a 127,507 and the snapdragon 820 variation scoring 127,938.


Galaxy s7 part – exynos

Galaxy s7 edge – snapdragon 820

Among antutu you get a pretty accurate picture of ways the two exclusive cpus range, at least ‘by the numbers’. What approximately photos performance, even though? Incredible question.


Galaxy s7 part – snapdragon 820


3dmark reveals that, at the same time as cpu overall performance won’t be lots distinctive, there’s a miles bigger hole in phrases of the gpu. The mali- t880 mp12 gpu scored a first rate 2157, however the adreno 530 gpu outperformed it via a substantive margin with a score of 2528. While it’s a piece discouraging to look the mali struggling a chunk in comparison to the adreno gpu, it’s important to remember that each of these scores are simply pretty remarkable whilst in comparison to the overdue-2015 flagships of the android international, with the nexus 6p scoring 1577, the be aware 5 scoring 1220 – as points of reference.

The snapdragon 820 technically shines a bit brighter than the exynos 8890 in terms of their accompanying gpus, however in every day use, you’re not going to be aware the difference.
If you want to get all stuck up within the numbers, sure, the snapdragon 820 technically shines a piece brighter than the exynos 8890 in terms of their accompanying gpus. That stated, in every day use, you’re not going to word a difference. Both phones had been extraordinarily snappy, coping with the entirety from wellknown navigation and web surfing to multi-tasking and gaming, without skipping a beat, properly aside from a few very minor lag inside the launcher, even though this comes down greater to software program optimization, which we’ll speak about a chunk further down within the evaluate. Final fable ix, fahrenheit, and numerous other games ran superbly on my exynos-powered galaxy s7 area and speakme with lanh, he had an equally awesome enjoy.

If you’re questioning about overheating, neither the snapdragon or exynos version appears to have any trouble right here. A part of this will come all the way down to samsung’s inclusion of a heat pipe that attracts away residual warmness. We glaringly can’t say for sure that that is what’s making all of the difference, but will inform you that the smartphone could get a touch warm below in depth use but not to the factor of soreness. In ‘normal’ use, like browsing the web or lighter apps, there was certainly no sizeable heat for me in any respect.

Transferring past the processing package observed in galaxy s7 aspect, samsung also has some other key pieces of hardware worth showcasing:

Microsd card has made a comeback

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In all likelihood one of the maximum arguable changes made for the galaxy s6 and s6 aspect had been the elimination of microsd and consumer-replaceable batteries. Whilst the later of those is still absent inside the galaxy s7 edge, the previous has lower back! In addition to 32gb of inner garage, which in most markets (inclusive of the usa and europe) is the most effective option, the microsd slot (that is combined with a hot-swappable sim tray) allows you to extend reminiscence as much as 200gb, even though the theoretical restrict is an awful lot higher, that’s simply what’s conveniently available commercially at this level.

While we would have preferred to peer a 64gb and even a 128gb variation of the galaxy s7 area, the presence of microsd appreciably alleviates this trouble. That said, it’s miles essential to note that marshmallow’s adoptable storage isn’t formally to be had here. For the uninitiated, adoptable garage essentially takes your microsd card and your internal garage and combines them into one pool, robotically installing apps and different files anywhere the os sees in shape. With this adoptable garage, your reminiscence card is largely ‘locked’ to that tool and this is one of the motives samsung officially states for leaving out the function.

Even as we’d have appreciated to peer a 64gb or even a 128gb variation of the galaxy s7 side, the presence of microsd notably alleviates this issue.
There’s desirable information though. First, despite the fact that adoptable storage isn’t an option, i can confirm that you are able to manually switch some of the galaxy s7 area’s apps from inner garage over to microsd. That might not be as helpful as having it carried out routinely, but it’s still fine to recognise you aren’t just restricted to storing tune, movies, and different popular documents for your microsd card. Greater information for those who don’t thoughts tinkering: samsung didn’t dispose of adoptable storage, it simply concealed it. Thanks to modder paul o’brien, we now recognize that it’s viable to re-enable the option of adoptable garage, so long as you’re willing to get a bit down and grimy with adb. Even better, this selection doesn’t require root.

The galaxy s7 aspect profits water resistance

Aa-samsung-galaxy-s7-part-water resistant

Waterproofing is also making a comeback! The galaxy s7 facet gives an ip68 score, which means it ought to be capable of cope with full submersion in water up to 3 feet deep for up to half-hour. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take this factor swimming with you or use it as a parlor trick to expose off for your pals, but it does imply that if the worst occurs, your phone must be able to manage it with none issue.

One phrase of caution though, the galaxy s7 area’s waterproofing utilizes a gasket at the internal of the smartphone and part of this gasket essentially ‘comes out’ with the microsd/sim card holder. So in case your sim tray isn’t firmly inserted, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise if this factor meets the water.

Fingerprint scanner

Samsung galaxy s7 part pix-31

For the maximum element the scanner right here remains similar to we noticed from samsung in 2016. That said, as lanh mentions in his video overview, “the fingerprint sensor feels plenty quicker and greater correct over the s6 or maybe the note five and really hardly ever did i ever run into the sensor now not reading my fingerprint on the first attempt.”

Typical my experience with the scanner turned into comparable, though inside the first few days i did have a few trouble with it here and there, but haven’t had a hassle considering that. That said, i assume it changed into truly extra of an give up-user issue at the start, and the reality i used to be adjusting to the idea of a front scanner, coming from the nexus 6p. In fact, the front or again positioning doesn’t certainly make an awful lot of a distinction and by and large comes right down to preference.

Audio system, connectivity, and the relaxation

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Whilst many oldsters generally tend to use headphones or earbuds maximum of the time whilst eating media or paying attention to track, in case you’re the type that makes use of the integrated speaker, we must provide you with a warning it’s a ways from the pleasant we’ve ever heard.

Part of this is probably because we’ve emerge as spoiled by great the front-going through audio system from organizations like htc, motorola, and even the nexus own family. That said, speakme with co-people which have used both the s7 and s7 aspect, at the least some people felt the speaker experience might honestly be a chunk worse than we saw from preceding generations, although only marginally so. Bottom-line, the speaker revel in is passable, however in reality won’t blow you away. As lanh positioned it in his video evaluation:

It’s high-quality tinny at high volumes, and you could most likely thank the waterproofing for that one.
It is worth noting that the galaxy s7 area now functions class nine lte, which supports speeds of up to 450mbps. At the same time as category nine speeds have been additionally presented inside the note five and aspect plus, the authentic galaxy s6 aspect featured class 6. Of course, few networks support cat 9 just yet, however it’s great to see that the galaxy s7 facet is as a minimum somewhat destiny evidence on this vicinity.

Another small hardware trade has not anything to do with the s7 aspect itself. As a substitute, there’s a small hardware ‘accessory’ blanketed with the phone that lets you join the s7 to another android phone thru microusb. The concept right here is to make transferring over media and documents simpler than ever whilst switching from an present cellphone, although you may also use this adapter to attach a difficult power in your smartphone in case you’re so willing.

As for the rest? Samsung has all the bells and whistles you’d assume from a samsung device inclusive of nfc, wi-fi, bluetooth, and a coronary heart rate monitor. There’s certainly no principal omissions or additions other than the ones we already included.

Battery lifestyles
Even though the galaxy s6 edge become largely well received, there had been nevertheless some of users that were less than impressed that the phone ditched its removable battery. Adding insult to injury, the edge’s 2600 mah battery performed quite mildly, making it difficult to even make it through an entire day’s use for lots users. The situation improved a little with the bigger s6 facet but become some distance from perfect.



With the galaxy s7 facet, does samsung ultimately control to get battery size and existence proper? In short, definitely. They overwhelmed it! Greater specifically, the 3600 mah battery determined in the galaxy s7 edge makes it clean enough to get via a complete day’s use, and simply with a bit lighter use you’ll haven’t any hassle making it through a day and a 1/2 or more.



Breaking things down a bit greater, lanh found that it was greater than possible to get round 5 to six display on time without even trying, and i had comparable consequences with around 6 to 7 sot averages without trying, with trying i was easily able to make up to round 8 or nine hours of sot even though. That’s with ordinary settings, car-brightness, and so on. So that you can get a barely more technical take on matters, we also determined to run pcmark “paintings battery” take a look at. While the check recommends that customers calibrate brightness to 2 hundred cd/m2 on the way to provide a constant end result while compared against others, we decided to turn off auto-brightness and crank up matters to complete. Our reasoning became that this would with a bit of luck provide customers a “worst case” situation of what to expect from your battery.


Our outcomes for the snapdragon version said a “paintings battery existence” of 6 hours and forty nine mins for the exynos version and six hours and 40 minutes for the snapdragon 820 model – once more suggesting that battery life between the two fashions is pretty constant. Curiously, this worst case battery lifestyles changed into on par with the ‘most suitable’ common battery life for the gs6 part, illustrating how some distance the s7 side has come. Take into account that the pcmark check doesn’t drain the battery “to empty”, but virtually to twenty%, that’s the factor in which most folks begin reaching for our chargers anyhow.

For the ones wondering how the s7 side could fare at a greater moderate brightness level, in line with pcmarks’ common scores (primarily based on user reviews), the exynos model normally averages eight hours and forty mins, with the qualcomm model getting round eight hours and 17 mins. This is surprisingly consistent with our “actual international” battery results whilst the use of the edge every day. Backside-line, the battery existence in the galaxy s7 facet is splendid, regardless of whether you have an exynos or snapdragon 820 variant on your hands. And in case you do find your self wanting a chunk more juice, samsung’s short charging returns here in all its glory.

Normally, the exynos model averages eight hours and forty minutes, with the qualcomm model getting around eight hours and 17 mins.
For the snapdragon 820 you’ll discover brief rate 2.Zero on board. Yes, 2.0 and no longer three.Zero. At the same time as it might be quality to have the newest general supported here, the charging velocity in three.0 isn’t said to be tons better, just greater power green. The exynos, the version i in my view used, you get samsung’s proprietary adaptive rapid charging preferred, which appears to be the same as it changed into ultimate yr.

For the exynos model, i will let you know that samsung’s charger promises approximately 50% of battery existence in just 30 minutes. Based by myself assessments, i will say that’s pretty close, with approximately 35 to 45% juice discovering for me within the promised time. Based totally on speaking with co-employees, you could assume comparable charging speeds from the qualcomm variation as well.

The galaxy s7 aspect (in each incarnations) also helps samsung’s speedy wi-fi charging, even though this wasn’t something i for my part examined out.

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Even as samsung has continually performed a quite top activity with regards to digicam excellent in its smartphones, in 2015 we really saw samsung up its recreation bringing us one of the quality digital camera reports ever to grace a mobile device. Rather than retaining the equal package deal or just updating it slightly, samsung has decided to take a exclusive path with the galaxy s7 facet, opting for a 12mp digicam in place of the 16mp shooter discovered in its predecessor.

Of course there’s greater to a terrific digicam enjoy than just megapixels. Whilst the count may be lower, this has allowed for a good deal large pixels for elevated low-light overall performance, in a circulate similar to what we saw from huawei and google with the nexus 6p. The camera on the galaxy s7 additionally has an f/1.7 aperture lens, a alternate from the f/1.Nine aperture determined in its predecessor. Some of the digicam’s other features encompass optical photo stabilization, section detection autofocus, led flash, and dual pixel technology. The cease result is a camera with highly quicker autofocus over competing flagship smartphones, particularly in low light.

The new sensor makes use of twin pixel era which isn’t new inside the digital camera world however is the primary of it’s type in a cellphone digital camera. This creates for a lot quicker autofocus and coming from something like the nexus 6p there’s a very major distinction in focusing speeds specially in low light.
As for the actual photograph first-rate? I found the experience surely suitable right here usual, even though whether or not it’s a step returned or forward from the note five and galaxy s6 own family relies upon on what you’re seeking out in a digicam. Shots are very specified and appearance great in nicely-lit indoor photographs and within the daylight hours , however at the equal time pics seem to not be quite as sharp as they have been with samsung’s flagship phones from closing 12 months. There’s also a chunk of obvious noise discount taking place right here, too.

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