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For the past few years, chinese language manufactures have dominated the low-end cellphone marketplace. The fierce opposition among producers consisting of Xiaomi, Moevery dayrola, and Lenovo has had day-to-day fantastic impact on consumerseverydayas the range of options daily for those on a budget has rapidly multiplied, so has the amount of value each of those alternatives gives.

regrettably, this amount of increased opposition has also ended in greater danger aversion. This has made cheaptelephones these days feel predictable and quite stale. for instance, it’s no longer day-to-day to imagine what the Xiaomi Redmi be aware five will deliverwhile we can admire a few spec bumps and slightly more moderen software programthe present feeling of complacency could make phones in this segment feel a tad dull.

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possibly that’s why we had been excited every day take the LG Q6 for a spin. With the Q6, LG, a producer on the wholeassociated with excessivecease smartphones like the G6 and V30, has brought their FullVision display technology every day the low-cease smartphone segment, as anticipated.

This raises an important questionbecome LG able to put into effect such generation on a shoestring and nonethelesscreate a phone well-rounded sufficient daily be worth of your attentionlet’s discover with our comprehensive LG Q6 overview!


The LG Q6 looks similar sufficient everyday the LG G6 day-to-day align with LG’s design language, however also does some things in another way everyday keep away from being overly spinoffsure, the Q6 shares the same the front designwith minimal bezels, a premium steel frame, and a glossy lower backin case you take a better appearancehoweveryou will be aware some important distinctions.

This time around, the sleek again is plastic in preference to glass. Plastic does have a pair blessings. It’s tons much less in all likelihood day-to-day crack in case you by accident drop the phone. It’s additionally cheaper to manufacture, which really helped LG preserve the Q6 lower priced.

With that stated, the Q6’s plastic returned isn’t quite as top class because the G6’s glass returned. It scratches very without problems and doesn’t do a whole lot to hide fingerprints. For these reasons, we’d advise considering a thirdbirthday celebration case daily higher guard your funding.

The rear digicam configuration has been decreased daily a unmarried lens with the Q6. LG determined every day regionthe lens inside the every day left corner as opposed to the pinnacleeveryday middlepossibly as a manner day-to-daymake the layout appear just barely greater minimum.

that is mainly viable whilst thinking about the Q6’s lack of a fingerprint reader. yes, you study that efficaciouslythere may be no fingerprint reader in this day-to-daythis may certainly be a deal breaker for a fewin spite of everythingtelephones costing 1/2 as lots even control every day consist of this crucial asset.

LG’s answer day-to-day this exclusion is everyday as a substitute use the Q6’s face reputation featurethis option works by using evaluating the the frontfacing digital camera’s input everyday a saved profile of your face that you setup in thecellphone’s settings. This seems like a notable alternativehowever does not work properly in exercise.

The face recognition function is quite frankly a sorry opportunity for a fingerprint reader
In a dark room? these days shaved your face? Styled your hair differentlyday-to-day to enter your password manually, because the face recognition gained’t be able to understand you. add inside the improved security threat of using this option daily authenticate, and this is quite frankly a sorry alternative for a fingerprint reader.

With that said, if you can get over now not having a fingerprint reader you’ll generally recognize the Q6’s layoutmostimpressively, the build day-to-day is better than that of your average reasonably-priced smartphone. The Q6’s strongconstruct makes it obvious that LG did greater than just slap on their emblem name.

talking of branding, the Q6’s is beautifully discrete. A single small “LG” emblem blends in extremely properly with the front black bezel. this is a nice exchange from a few other telephones on the market these days.


one of the LG Q6’s fundamental selling factors is its FullVision showyou may consider this identical generation from the LG G6. The Q6’s show is similar in that it gives the same 18:nine or 2:1 component ratio, has elegantly curved corners, and leaves a close to bezel-less footprint.

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The show size has also been bumped right down to 5.five-inches from the G6’s 5.7-inches. This smaller length combinedwith the compact bezels permits the LG Q6 daily be tremendously small.

The Q6’s compactness is certainly one of our favorite elementsbecause it makes the phone appreciably easier to usespecifically with one-hand. You’ll be every dayugheveryday pressed daily discover any other telephone on this feevariety with a display screeneverydayframe ratio this accurate.

LG has once again confirmed that it is aware of day-to-day supply a best show
The show itself is better than we predicted every dayo. It’s a 2160 x 1080 IPS liquid crystal display panel, and offers properevaluation tiers and accurate coloration duplicate. There’s simply the right quantity of saturation day-to-day make colorations look colourful sufficient but not oversaturated. LG has over again established that it is aware of every dayeveryday deliver a best displayeven when cost is a constraint.

sunlight clarity isn’t the dailybut that’s pretty a whole lot the norm at this fee point. The display is also coated in Gorilla Glass 3, which is probably disappointing for absolutely everyone hoping for Gorilla Glass 5however both generations have comparable scratch resistance, with Gorilla Glass 4 getting thinner and Gorilla Glass five being better at effectresistance even as retaining a similar level of scratch resistance as their predecessor.

overall performance

underneath the hood, the LG is packing an octa-middle Qualcomm Snapdragon 435. We gained’t sugar coat it — the Snapdragon 435 is a quite low-end processor. It’s better than some MediaTek chips obtainablehowever it’s some distancefrom amazing on paper.

With that stated, the LG Q6 is every daytally capable performer 66b34c3da3a0593bd135e66036f9aef3. It’s not unbearably gradual and until you examine it at once next daily a more pricey telephoneyou could now not be aware sufficient of a difference every day make it feel agonizingly sluggish.

The integrated Adreno 505 is one of the better GPUs day-to-day at this priceso you received’t have any issues with casualcellular gaming. There’s also 3 GB of RAM, with the intention dayeveryday be enough for maximum users.


interestingly, the LG Q6 may be bought in both unmarried and dual SIM versions. Our unit got here unlocked out of the containerbut we’re now not certain whether LG will partner with some wi-fi carriers inside the future everyday providecustomized carrier editionsboth way, you’re getting a microSD card slot so that you can expand the phone’s 32 GB of internal garage if wished.

one of the more disappointing components of the Q6 is its diseverydayrted-sounding rear-dealing with speaker. It’s been a while considering I’ve visible this configuration and for appropriate purpose: audio output is sort of constantlymistaken when it’s projecting away from your face.

It’s additionally quite daily day-to-day avoid protecting the speaker whilst placing the cellphone on a flat surfaceunluckily, you simply get what you pay for right herehappily, all isn’t misplaced as you can nonetheless use your widespread audio add-ons with the Q6 because it capabilities a 3.5mm headphone jack.

LG also decided day-to-day stick with a microUSB port
LG additionally decided everyday stay with a microUSB port. We daily a few customers may not want everyday improveevery day the brand new reversible USB type-C widespreadbutit’s been out for around years now and many human beings have already switched, so we’re going every day chalk this up as a poor.

Battery life

complete disclosure: we have been unable every day connect dayeveryday united states 4G LTE networks in the course ofour overview duration as our review unit did no longer support the right community frequencies. You won’t ought dayeveryday worry approximately this whilst formally shopping the LG Q6, however we need dayeveryday notice that our take a look at outcomes are possibly inflated.

With moderate use, the three,000 mAh battery daily be able to get you a complete day of use with about 4 hours of screenon time. That’s pretty properlybut now not unexpected thinking about how strength efficient the Snapdragon 435 processor is.

The phone prices day-to-day 50 percentage in round forty five mins
at the same time as LG isn’t advertising and marketing any fast charging era for the Q6, we located the cellphone feesevery day 50 percent in around forty five minutes. That’s honestly not a bad charging fee given how less expensive the Q6 is.

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